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OUR PATIENTS are extremely happy with the care they receive!

image“As a result of my coming to the physical therapy I can now sleep through the night without medication. I can sit and walk and sleep without pain. Brian is considerate and sensitive … I am so glad that I came here to him. I would come again and I would recommend him for anyone having back pain.”

image“I got the help I wanted and help I didn’t even know I needed. The program they gave me has made a huge difference already. My pain is greatly reduced … I’m walking better … Thanks to all of you!”

“I have learned great home exercises that work and can honestly say that the numbness that I came in with in the beginning has definitely decreased!! It has been a great thing for me!! Brian has been awesome!!!”

image“I had a wonderful experience at Utah Physical Therapy. I am free of pain in my neck. I can drive without pain, move and sleep without pain. It has been nice to feel pain free. I can’t say enough good about Utah Physical Therapy especially Brian Rodriguez … I have been to 3 other PT groups and he is hands down the better one than anyone else.”

“The physical therapy has really helped. I can turn my head when driving instead of turning my body, and I feel that my sleep has improved. I don’t feel so tired in the morning and I feel fully rested. I am not in constant pain.”

image“Was scared at first visit then, Brian was very understanding. I feel like my therapy was very helpful. I feel more confident and will definitely continue my exercises at home. Everyone here was very kind and did a wonderful job. Thanks!”

“When I started with the therapy, I was really in pain. With each appointment, I could feel the difference. It was really explained to me what was wrong with me, and what needed to be done to fix it. Erinlee was marvelous. I feel like I am leaving family. I want to keep coming.”

image“After complaining about headaches for a few years and spending over $9,000 of insurance money with chiropractors, headache specialist and heart doctors I finally found relief through physical therapy with Brian Rodriguez. My treatment was excellent and if I ever need a PT, it sure will be Brian.”

“I feel a lot better with my back. If I have to do physical therapy again I would like to come back. The people are great.”

“I can go on walks without pain. I can sleep! I am able to work, just about normal again. I can lift things now! I am feeling more movement with my neck. I just feel like I can actually move and do things again.”

“Since starting treatment with Erinlee I have had dramatic improvements. I can now bend at the waist, sleep without major discomfort, and can once again run without major symptoms. I also really understand my condition … more fully, and understand how to alleviate pain when it flares up. Very happy with the results and everyone I dealt with in the office was knowledgeable and friendly.”

“I came into your office with severe back pain. Since going to therapy, I’m now able to get out of bed or out of a chair without pain shooting through me. Therapy was the best medicine you could have given me. I am in no pain. Thank you for your time.”

“I really loved it. Everyone was very friendly. They understood how my knee felt when I came and throughout all my visits. I am really satisfied with the strength and the performance of my knee. I feel it improved a lot in a short amount of time, I am definitely coming back here for any future problems. Thank you Erinlee.”

“Dr.____, I have been really pleased with the combined care I have received from you and from Utah Physical Therapy. The care I have received has obviously been personal, well thought out, and tailored to suit my situation. I would eagerly recommend similar services to anyone who found themselves in need. I have truly appreciated all the attention and care I have received and am grateful for how I have recovered.”

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