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  1. Alison says:

    Excellent service! Brian thoroughly assessed my current and past issues. He spent extra time looking over my current workouts and tweaking them to incorporate exercises for my back. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and available to help. He quickly responded to my emails and is willing to answer questions via phone. Willing to spend extra time in one visit to eliminate need for more visits. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Brian!

  2. Christine Rice says:

    I would highly recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialists to any that is suffering from some type physical injury. I was helped tremendously by Brian and his Associates. I can walk again without having any pain in my lower body and just feel so much better.

  3. Anela S. says:

    Working at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists has been the best two years by far! The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable in every aspect of getting you back into the right shape and physical health. I have worked here long enough to see patients come in worried with a whole lot of pain and leaving with little to no pain at all!! Most people think that physical therapy is nothing but pain and torture but with the UPTS team you will have a more enjoyable experience filled with fun and laughter. I would highly recommend this team to anybody who is looking for physical therapy. We are here to help you :)

  4. John Gobcio says:

    Brian did a great job with in house therapy and sent me home with a great set of exercises that really helped my lower back issue. He is an excellent physical therapist and is great to work with. I highly recommend him and the friendly professional staff at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists.

  5. Dorothy Ryan says:

    I have worked with Erinlee 3 times over the years. She is very kind, smart & easy to talk to. She knows how to help those of us who need physical therapy. I would recommend her and this facility to anyone needing PT.

  6. Sondra Johnaon says:

    I have been a patient of Dr. Brian Rodriquez for the past year, having seen him for four different injuries. Each time I’ve come in, he has been very knowledgeable about his treatments of my particular injury. He is very caring and kind in his methods of therapy, and certainly knows his profession to the utmost level! I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a physical therapist!

  7. Kathy Paulsen says:

    Brian Rodriguez has been an excellent therapist for me. He has selected the therapy and exercises which would help me gradually gain the strength and comfort that I needed in my shoulder. He has considered my ability to move forward at the right pace and has been very aware when something needs to change or be modified. He is also extremely patient-friendly. He has had confidence in my ability to improve. I feel so much better now, thanks to Brian.

  8. David Tipton says:

    Fabulous team to work with at Utah Physical Therapy spearheaded by Erinlee Boden, the work that was done to improve my neck injury was a godsend. The treatments have so improved my injury that the neck operation that was scheduled has no longer become necessary! Mahalo for all your work and effort!!

  9. Shawn Christensen says:

    The entire staff at Utah Physical Therapy is fabulous! Friendly, professional & knowledgeable. I highly recommend Erinlee Boden. She worked with me and literally brought me back to almost 100%. I am so happy with my progress and I feel I owe it all to Erinlee and her tireless energy & abilities. Thank you all for the constant encouragement. I could not be where I am today without your help.

  10. Jen Knox says:

    Erinlee is fabulous!!! She explains what is happening to your body and why things hurt. She takes the time to help you feel confident with your progress. We are so lucky to have her as our physical therapist.

  11. Darrel Clegg says:

    Brian and the staff where personable and professional. I was very pleased with the personal attention I received on every visit from Brian. I had a total knee replacement and working with Brian has been brought excellent results.
    I would highly recommend him.

  12. Kevin says:

    Erinlee did a great job working me hard to recovery. I had two total knee replacements and I am golfing three months later. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and conscientious. The staff is terrific any friendly and I always looked forward to my therapy sessions. Having it come to an end is sad in a way. But my goals were met and I thank them for that. Cheers, Kevin

  13. dorothy henkel says:

    i am very satisfied with my treatment. Brian and his staff were very attentive and professional. He has improved my mobility…especially in the movement of my neck..which thrills me. Brian has given me home exercises that have also helped greatly….he has been very patient and thorough. I highly would recommend his services .

  14. Nancy Lovejoy says:

    Erinlee and the staff here at Utah Physical Therapy have been extremely helpful in relieving the pain in my neck and shoulders. I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing any type of pain. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and I have really enjoyed working with them!

  15. Daniel K. Thompson says:

    Brian Rodriquez was my Physical Therapist. He did an excellent job. I came in with pain in my lower back, he taught me what I needed to do at home between sessions and explained in detail what he was going to do to help me repair my damage. Brian is very professional and also very personable. I enjoyed working with him. I can highly recommend him for value received and good results.

  16. Carolyn Kuhn says:

    Brian really knows how to pinpoint the areas of concern and give just the right exercises to correct the problem. Everyone here is always so upbeat, fun to talk with and work with. I really have appreciated them all and can always see the progress made from the first visit to the last. Physical therapy really makes such a difference. THANKS!

  17. Terry Howell says:

    I was referred by my doctor after a fall on black ice. Erinlee evaluated my injuries and began a therapy plan the addressed these injuries. I had a broken rib that masked other injuries she was able to narrow down and focus on a whiplash injury that was causing the majority of my pain in my shoulder. She also addressed the muscle spasms that occured when ever I tried to lift or push anything. Under Erinlee’s care I made steady progress and have fully resolved the issues caused by my fall. The staff here was excellent and was always concerned with my well being and safety. I would recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialist and especially Erinlee Boden to family and friends in need of physical therapy.

  18. Othella M.Harris (Theddie) says:

    I have enjoyed working with Erinlee on my back problem, she has shown me many ways I might both improve and compensate for the problems I have with my back and knees, it has improved my arthritic hip, taught me how to strength my stomach to help my back strength. It has made a remarkable improvement in my stance, posture and pain has almost all gone. Thank you Erinlee!

  19. Joanne Valdez says:

    Dr. Erinlee Boden is an outstanding therapist. Her can do attitude and down the earth approach was very much appreciated. This clinic actually found a way to incorporate fun with their sessions. I would recommend this clinic to everyone needing relief from pain.

  20. marcus kay says:

    Dr. Erinlee was a lot of fun to work with. She helped my headaches a lot.

  21. Kerry Reid says:

    I wanted to thank Sean and Michael for all their work in helping me with my lower back. The improvements came very quickly and kept progressing. They listened to what my problems goals were, and all were taken care of.

  22. Maria Castro says:

    I wanted to thank Dr. Brian and staff for all the kindness and how much the care about my back. i cant tell how much better is my pain . Thank you so much for been a good PT you the best, Dr Fogg was right is a lot good Pt up there but Brian is the best.

  23. Janet Jones says:

    I was so pleased with Utah Physical Therapy Specialists, especially Erinlee Bolen. I have been to other Physical Therapy offices and never had the one on one attention that I received here. She helped me feel relaxed and she really knew what would help me. She was so patient when I would come in feeling under the weather because of pain. I have degenerative disc disease with a bone spur on L5 and had recently been hospitalized with kidney failure and struggled to just have enough energy to get out of bed. She helped me slowly get my energy level back to normal and taught me core exercises to help th pain in my back. I also have arthritis and can’t take any meds to help with pain. The stretches she taught me have really helped with my pain level and have helped me be able to do the daily things I love to do. Thanks Erinlee! You really know your stuff.

  24. Carol Marie Marks says:

    I could not be happier with the result of my shoulder physical therapy. I had a tear in my right shoulder and had surgery. When I started therapy my pain level was at 8 and my shoulder was very very tight. I could not even lift my arm to wash my hair. I feel that the therapist was right on in his therapy to get the results that I ended up with. Also the staff was so friendly and made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend this facility.

  25. Brenda Gilbert says:

    The therapist and staff at Utah Physical Therapy are excellent! Very friendly and make the sessions as fun as they can be. Erinlee worked with me on a neck and lower back issue, she is knowledgeable and effective, recommending exercises to be done at home as well as during our sessions to strengthen the areas that were causing pain. I recommend them to anyone that needs physical therapy, can’t say enough good things about everyone involved with the organization!

  26. Scott Johnson says:

    Brian did a wonderful job with my rehab after my double knee replacement surgery, I was very concerned that I would not be ready for my second knee replacement as it was so close together, but Brian Rodriquez had me more than ready, what a great job, excellent place to get back on your feet.

  27. Randy Turner says:

    I had complete knee replacement surgery. Brian and the staff here helped me get back to doing what I used to be able to do. They were very good at providing the treatment I needed. I would recommend them to anyone going through recovery.

  28. Heather Mousley says:

    Erinlee has been an incredible Physical Therapist. Staff have always had a smile on their face and I never had to wait long to be seen. I would highly recommend this P.T. office to anyone in need. Thanks to a great team at Utah Physical Therapy Specialists.

  29. Carolee Peters says:

    I was referred to Brian for wrist issues. He and his assistants were very personable and listened to my concerns and responded well to them. His willingness to find ways of adapting my exercises for home helped me accomplish my goals very quickly. He has done such a great job that I returned to him to have him help me with my headaches.

  30. Nadine C Jeppson says:

    This is the fourth time I have had to come to Utah Physical Therapy. Each time I have felt cared for and I know that Erinlee Boden has truly had my best interest at heart. She is very professional and thorough and she improved my situation greatly. This time it was for balance (I am 66 years old) and she has totally done wonders for my balance. I did not know of all the things that could be done to keep me from falling. When I came I was fearful of falling because of earlier injuries, but now I am confident and am glad to have a plan of exercises to keep me from falling in the future. Should I ever need to come back I would certainly look forward to having her help me again.

  31. Arianna Tuaitanu says:

    Amazing Job!! With how little time I’ve spent here, my shoulder has improved so much. They’ve pushed me to do better, and without them I probably would be recovering from surgery. I can honestly say that my shoulder has been feeling a lot better then before I came here. Thank You!

  32. Vannah says:

    Everyone here has been encouraging and helpful. Most important, my pain has decreased dramatically. Thank you!

  33. Twila Shipley says:

    My therapist Brian Rodriguez
    has been a life saver over the years with my conditions that I’m living with. He has kept me so i can be independent and not refined to a wheelchair, I’m thankful I found him it is a tough road when we start, but always get the results we are shooting for will always send others to him. I have full confidence in him and the staff very grateful.

  34. Hugh Cotcamp says:

    My experience at Utah Physical Therapy has been outstanding. Erinlee went right to the problem and her work with my neck has been very effective. If I have a need for PT in the future I will come back without question.

  35. Edward W. Fetzer says:

    Rotator Cuff Repair:
    Brian, Thomas, and Raquel were great at helping my recovery. Brian is very good, and knows what he is doing. He and his staff are very patient, friendly, and always have a positive attitude, which is critical in having a positive recovery. He and is staff are sincerely interested in their patience.
    When I first began, I had very little or no motion, no strength, and a lot of pain. Now upon completion I have 95% of motion, strength, and virtually no pain.
    Thanks to them, I now have my shoulder back and functioning.
    Thank you.

  36. Carol Brown says:

    I highly recommend Dr. Rodriguiz and his excellent staff. They are professional, positive, and concerned about each person. Dr. Rodriguiz is a superb physical therapist and knew precisely how to help me regain function in my knee. He is very attentive to his patients and very encouraging. I feel very grateful to him for his outstanding ability not only help his patients recover from surgery but to work extremely well with his patients.

  37. kaylene allred says:

    i am more than satisfied with the therapy i received by working with sean . he helped out alot with the stiffness in my neck and upper back.

  38. Breanna Bassett says:

    My experience with Utah Physical Therapy was the very best I could’ve hoped for. Their entire staff was so friendly and knowledgeable, and very attuned to my needs and desired outcomes. My first visit with Sean Gibson, DPT, was very thorough. He really got to know my injury, why it happened and the outlying factors that contributed to the injury. He created a detailed physical therapy routine that he adjusted, as needed, to the progress I was making, as well as my overall pain level. When my therapy sessions came to an end he made all the arrangements for my continued healthcare and made sure to check up on my progress, as he wanted me to feel the very best. I am so thankful to the wonderful staff that I had the pleasure of working with, they made my time pleasant in the worst of circumstances. They are the best.

  39. Len Torres says:

    My experience with Utah Physical Therapy was very beneficial. The staff and Brian were excellent in their dealings with me and my therapy. They were very professional and concerned about my progress and my well being. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of therapy.

  40. Kim Godfrey says:

    Brian has been a great physical therapist! He was truly amazing. He was always concerned and made sure that my needs were meet and that my pain level was ok. He was always very kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend him! His staff was also so great!

  41. martha larkin says:

    Utah Physical Therapy was recommended to me by my family doctor for neck problems. I have had 6 sessions with Brian Rodriguez. The care here has been exceptional. I would recommend Utah Physical Therapy to anyone without reservation.

  42. William E. Wiley says:

    I was referred to this physical therapy facility by Dr. Meadows. He recommended Brian to work with me after my hip replacement surgery. My experience with Brian has been both uplifting and of the highest quality. He had my concerns in mind as he treated me and he always went the extra mile in advising me and providing me with home exercises to build strength after surgery. His ability to excite me in making my body strong and his positive demeanor has made my life better. Thanks for all!!!

  43. Vickie Smith says:

    I had a very positive experience working with the staff at Utah Physical Therapy. I found Sean to be pleasant, friendly, and easy to work with. I felt comfortable with the work that we did together. I appreciated the clean facility. Thanks!

  44. karen nicholson says:

    Brian was my PT he was great I came in not being able to walk without pain and now I am walking out pain free.

  45. Martha Hammond says:

    I have used the services of the Utah Physical Therapists three times. They are professional, experienced, knowledgable, thorough, kind and compassionate. Brian is amazing with his treatments and bedside manner. I have recommended this company to many people. I would not choose any other.

  46. Debbie Powell says:

    I would highly recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialists to anyone that is suffering from any type of injury or pain. After ACL repair surgery I truthfully wondered if I would ever walk again. Brian and his associates gave me hope from my first visit. I found Brian to be an excellent therapist and always attentive, professional and knowledgeable. I am walking normally and waiting for the all clear from my physician to start a kick boxing class. The office is very upbeat and friendly and they made therapy fun. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you for all the encouragement! It has given me hope to overcome some other separate chronic pain issues that I have lived with for years.

  47. Jane B. Arnold says:

    I had been having severe pain in my left shoulder, due to a pinched nerve in my neck, for several weeks when our family doctor suggested I see Brian Rodriguez and schedule some physical therapy. My husband accompanied me on my first visit and we were both immediately impressed. Brian was friendly, kind, and extremely professional. I had an x-ray done on my neck prior to the first appointment and it was sent to the Physical Therapy Dept. Not only did Brian check out the x-ray but he also contacted our family doctor and discussed it with him.

    During the first visit Brian explained thoroughly each part of the therapy. The visit lasted about an hour. I made appointments for 5 additional sessions. He also gave me some exercises to do at home.

    At the end of the third therapy session, Brian and I discussed my progress and concluded that I did not need to return for further therapy as my pain was virtually gone. I cancelled my final three appointments. That was three weeks ago and the pain has not returned. However, if it does I will return immediately. I am grateful for the physical and mental relief I received from Brian and sincerely recommend him to anyone having similar experiences with pain.

  48. Many thanks extremely beneficial. Will certainly share website with my friends.

  49. Angel Moravek says:

    I came in with a strained hamstring and got the pleasure of working with Brian Rodriguez. He took the time to listen how I have been feeling each appointment and made sure we put together a plan that would work for me. Between appointments I called in to report and liked that I had this opportunity instead of feeling left on my own. His dedication to his patients shows in his work. Hope I don’t injury myself again and have to come back, but if I do I’ll be requesting Brian.

  50. Debbie Powell says:

    I would just like to thank Utah Physical Therapy Specialists for the first class care I received both last year after my ACL reconstruction and recently from Chronic back pain that I have suffered with for 19 years. I found Brian and all his associates to be skilled, knowledgeable, caring, kind and always giving whatever time was needed for any problem. In fact I have been very impressed with the time they give each person at every appointment. They are working alongside you for usually over an hour each time. Compare that to a average doctors visit and I feel they don’t get compensated anything like they deserve for the time and energy they give. Before my ACL injury I had never considered PT for my back but now I’m a firm believer and I would make them my first choice for any pain or injury. In fact my quality of life has been greatly improved and I am now able to do things that six months ago I never thought I would do again. I highly recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialists.

  51. John Gundersen says:

    My therapy treatment at Utah Physical Therapy Specialist was the best therapy for my shoulder after my surgery Erinlee and everyone else who helped me in my recovery was great to work with. I would highly recommend anyone who needs therapy to come here..thanks to all John Gundersen

  52. Sherry Rorvall says:

    This has been a great experience and I feel great when I thought i would not feel normal again without surgery. Thank you so much Erinlee.

  53. Greg Martin says:

    I benefited so much from the therapists at the Granger facility, it made a huge difference in my recovery process. They all gave me great personal attention, especially Erinlee Bodin. If a hundred stars were available to rate her performance concerning me, it would not be enough. I have returned to the facility to ask questions and she always had the right answer. Definitely would recommend her and this facility for post surgery therapy.

  54. Robert Curtis says:

    Wonderful experience with Utah Physical Therapy Specialists. Everyone was very easy to work with. My therapist, Sean Gibson was easy to work with and helped me find a pace I was comfortable with.

  55. Barbara Waters says:

    I am very impressed with Utah Physical Therapy Specialists. I have been able to receive the best care from the therapists especially Steve Lege. It is easy to get an appointment and they are very understanding if I need to reschedule. Steve makes sure that I do my home exercises and the techs watch me do the exercises when I am in the clinic. That way they can help correct me if I am doing something that might harm my progression. I would recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialists to anyone.

  56. Barbara Clay says:

    Congratulations to Utah Physical Therapy Specialists for their services to our community for ten years. Over those years I have several times been into their clinic for treatment of pain mostly as a result of arthritis. There is no cure for the condition but the pain can become manageable through physical therapy. I have been impressed with the knowledge Brian Rodriquez has and for his considerate and caring treatment. Having recently finished a series of six appointments, I feel less neck pain and have instructions for home exercises to help stay that way. I highly recommend Utah Physical Therapy Specialists and their great staff of associates. They are pain killers.

  57. larry luque says:

    Sean Gibson and staff were really nice to have as PT specialist working on me and my pain, i never believed in PT, i am believer NOW.

    Thank You

    Larry Luque

  58. Shirley Conder says:

    I have been very pleased with the treatment for my neck pain and headaches. Brian Rodriguez has been thoughtful and caring as he has set up the program to treat my issues. The facility is clean, the workers are helpful, and my experience has been nothing but positive! I have recommended Brian as a therapist to my friends and would willingly continue to encourage receiving treatment at this facility and especially from Brian.

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